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The risk management function of any organization is the management and administrative functions concerned with the finance and control of accidental losses. RCES provides comprehensive services for all areas of risk management at the following levels:

Risk Management Compilation consists of the following services:

  • Request for proposal preparation
  • Bid specifications
  • Insurance application review
  • Broker selection
  • Directed market selection
  • Negotiation evaluation, assistance and advice
  • Binder and invoice review


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Risk Management Review consists of all the services provided by a compilation but also includes deeper evaluation of the client’s program and includes the following additional services:

  • Exposure to loss analysis
  • Policy review
  • Coverage analysis
  • Premium basis review
  • Loss history review and analysis
  • Historical premium basis review
  • Loss cost analysis
  • Business operations review
  • Risk control review
  • Management review
  • Insurance application preparation


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Risk Management Audit includes all of the services provided by a compilation and review, but also includes:

  • Identification and analysis of business operations and exposures to loss
  • Examination of the feasibility of techniques for controlling, financing, retaining or transferring losses
  • Recommendations on the best techniques based on defined corporate goals
  • Implementation of the chosen techniques
  • Monitoring of the overall program and making continuous improvements
  • Alternative financing programs analysis and program design
  • Self-insured retention analysis
  • Risk control program design, implementation and monitoring
  • Claims management program design, implementation and monitoring
  • Excess limits analysis
  • Policy wording analysis and comparison
  • Stewardship negotiations with service providers


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Risk Management Specific Projects could be any of the individual service components of an audit or any other service a client may require. Some of the most common are:

  • Review and advice of personal insurance matters
  • Claim disputation, negotiation and consulting
  • Actuarial analysis and review
  • Market analysis of risk-bearing entities and service companies


Specific projects can also include alternative financing program feasibility studies for:

  • Self-insurance
  • Captives insurance companies
  • Rent-a-captives
  • Fronting arrangements
  • Self-insured retentions
  • Large deductibles
  • Incurred and paid loss retrospective rating plans
  • Other loss sensitive risk financing arrangements


RCES also performs formation and audits of:

  • Group insurance plans
  • Self-insured programs, funds and trusts
  • Risk retention groups
  • Purchasing groups
  • Pools and reciprocals


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Risk Management Outsourcing is subcontracting the entire risk management process to RCES on a continuous basis. Outsourcing includes all of the services of an audit and other services necessary to accomplish a complete corporate risk management program.

RCES services would include the creation of a corporate risk management manual, risk management committee, disaster planning and an enterprise risk management strategy. RCES acts as the client’s corporate risk manager, interacting with other corporate managers within the organization and others outside the organization.


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